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Needleless treatment options for medical problems

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October-December 2012


New Section of the web site reviewing intranasal Ketamine for pain and for sedation - written due to increasing interest on the topic

Because we have received an increasing number of questions related to intranasal ketamine, and due to Dr.Wolfe's recent lecture tour of Australia and New Zealand where the topic came up repeatedly - there is an expanded discussion related to nasal ketamine effectiveness for pain control and sedation. Below are the links into the web site to access these sections.

Intranasal ketamine for pain control
Intranasal ketamine for sedation


New Slide sets for teaching use:

Dr. Wolfe, the primary author of this site, recently spoke in Australia and New Zealand to multiple groups interested in the topic of nasal drug delivery and how it could improved patient care in properly selected clinical settings. These slides are now posted on this web site for others to use as they see fit.

New Slide sets November 2012:

Intranasal medications for emergency medicine
Intranasal medications for Prehospital care
Intranasal medications for Prehospital care (abridged)
Intranasal medications for Trauma and Prehospital care (abridged )
Intranasal medications for rural and remote medicine (abridged)
Intranasal medications for Hospice
Intranasal medications for Safe injection




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